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Powered by stunning emotional, intellectual and erotic complexities, JD is a trenchant portrait of a marriage and its heartbreaking casualties, and at the same time something far more ambitious: a disquieting meditation on how and why America's best hopes went so stupendously awry during the sixties and early seventies. What emerges is an angry, loving hymn to a generation's failure to create the world we so passionately believed we longed for. There is no better novelist at work in our troubled country right now than Mark Merlis.

      Paul Russell, author of Immaculate Blue and The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov     


An amazing novel: beautifully written, ingeniously structured, involving and dangerous. The two narrative voices here, a wife and a husband, are perfectly realized. Martha in particular is a remarkable character--I've never read anyone like her in American fiction. This is a chamber drama about one family yet it's full of windows that look out on the wider worlds of the Vietnam War, New York literary politics, and the gay revolution. Mark Merlis is a major writer and this is his best novel yet.

      Christopher Bram, author of Eminent Outlaws and Gods and Monsters


It’s vintage Merlis: historical yet timely, intellectually rich, bracingly witty, unnervingly erotic, and, finally, deeply tender and affecting.

     Michael Lowenthal, author of The Paternity Test